Improving K12 Technology

Techspring helps superintendents and school boards get the most value out of technology purchases by providing technology planning and competitive sourcing services.


Techspring is a fee-only advisor, meaning we do not sell hardware, software, or implementation. We exist solely to help superintendents and school board members cut through the noise and find suppliers that provide the greatest possible value to your district. We focus on educational outcomes first and work to identify and source the best technology to meet the needs of your educators and your students.

Technology Planning

Adding technology to the classroom - and the infrastructure to support it - becomes more complex with each passing school year. Techspring helps you determine your technology needs at both the school and district levels to support curriculum and desired educational outcomes. Services include:

  • Strategic planning and technology roadmaps

  • Project specification

  • System design

  • Review of upcoming purchases or initiatives

  • Research and evaluation of edtech integrations

Competitive Sourcing

In an average RFP, there is a 34% difference between the highest and lowest priced vendors. K12 schools realize an average 20% cost savings per RFP. Competitive bidding drives higher value and lower cost for your district.

The price spread is highly dependent on the clarity of requirements, RFP distribution, and the number of vendor responses.

Techspring writes customized RFPs with clear requirements and current specifications. We ensure broad distribution and assist superintendents and board members in evaluating highly technical vendor responses.


Bill Broughton

Bill Broughton is the CEO of Techspring and is the single point of contact for school administrators. Bill has over a decade of experience working in technology and finance. He lives in beautiful Lake Orion, MI with his wife, two children, two dogs, and a bearded dragon.

Strategic Advisors

Techspring works with a number of independent subject matter experts. Our roster of experts ensures current best practices for every project.


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